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Improve your meals with field-fresh produce.

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Savor The Fresh Flavors Of Locally Grown Produce

You don’t have to pick it yourself to enjoy the ripe and delicious taste of produce from Jackson Farms of Grand Ridge, FL. If you’re unable or don’t have the time to pick your own produce, Jackson Farms offers freshly packaged fruits and vegetables that you can purchase on-site or in your favorite store. You’ll get a reasonable price on quality produce when you shop with us.


Eating healthier is easy when you have great tasting, farm fresh ingredients to add to your recipes. Even your pickiest eaters will delight in the exquisite flavors that you can only get from truly fresh produce. You’ll find all of your favorites at Jackson Farms including vine ripened tomatoes, watermelons, peppers, snap beans, eggplants, pickles and more.

Fresh produce is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. You can ensure that your family gets the full nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables they eat by serving them locally grown produce from Jackson Farms.


Because our produce has been ripened on the vine and has been recently harvested, it contains more nutrients than items you can get in the supermarket that have been picked before their time and are shipped from thousands of miles away.

Feed You Family Nutrient-Rich Foods!


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