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Canning is fun & exciting!


There are hundreds of different tomato varieties in the world.  Jackson Farms tomatoes are considered by many one of the finest tomato products one can find in the United States!  We have been farming tomatoes for many years and have developed quality farming techniques that result in Jackson Farm tomatoes being of the highest quality.  The Jackson Farm Family welcomes you to come enjoy the opportunities offered in the U-Pick Season.  


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Canning produces flavorful, high-quality food that saves grocery monies, builds self-reliance and creates wonderful family memories.  In a nutshell, canning is all about freezing.  When you pressure food, you are either trying to freeze time or to encourage specific bacteria to proliferate and crowd out harmful bacteria.  The more you learn about canning the more comfortable and confident you will be in the kitchen.  The Internet has literally thousands of sites that provide outstanding information on the art of canning.  The best recommendation that Jackson Farms can provide you is to “Start Canning” today!

Canning tips & information

Click on Links to review detailed information on canning, canning recipes & canning equipment and supplies.  Researching the Internet will provide you with thousands of ideas for canning with success right from your kitchen & dining room table!








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